Welcome to my little blog, Katieinthehall, my name is Katie and I’m a crossdresser/trans individual.  Yup that’s right, I wear women’s clothes, and not just for the heck of it, but because I have a substantial feminine side to my identity (and may I add, a side that loves shoes and makeup), which lives along with my normal masculine side.  Now before we continue, you might ask yourself, why Katieinthehall?  Well, there’s an easy answer, and it has to do with my love of comedy.  Growing up in the early 90’s I remember watching The Kids In The Hall, a comedy skit show where the guys on the show would dress up as women anytime a situation called for it, and did an amazing job doing so.

On the most basic level, spending time as Katie makes me so very happy.  I can relax, and explore my feminine side, while standing up against societies norms, and being happy with who I am.  On a deeper level, this side of me has been around for a long time.  I remember feeling through my mother’s silk skirts as a kid, loving the softness of the material, and trying to walk in her sandals.  I remember watching RuPaul’s talk show and being amazed at the transformation that could be achieved.  I would have a reoccurring dream/fantasy that I had the power to transform from my male to my female self, and back again at any instance.  Looking back now, I see it as my subconscious telling me that I was somewhere in between the male and female ends of the gender spectrum.

By the time I got into high school and college, I lost a lot of self-confidence and respect for myself.  I was a shy and reserved person.  I would relieve the stress by eating, and as a result, I had gained a lot of weight, and began to have health problems.  Along with all these problems, I almost completely lost sight of my feminine side.  I didn’t think about Katie for years, but that began to change in 2009.  I was tired of feeling sick, unhealthy and lonely, and decided it was time to make changes and start living the life I wanted.  After loosing a ton of weight, Katie reappeared a couple of years ago after a long absence.

I’ve never been a good liar, and have never been good at hiding emotions, so as soon as Katie reappeared, I knew I needed to be open and honest with my wife.  She has been unbelievably supportive through this process, just like many close friends I’ve opened up to.  So join me on this journey, and we may just learn a little from each other.

With much love to all,

Katie Amor


  1. It’s a great age to be girly. Young enough to look fabulous and hone those skills yet old enough to know how you should present yourself! I will be following you blogs. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Katie, I have wondered since I first saw your blog’s title, if it was in reference to “Kids in the Hall.” My show was “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.”
    I often wish I could have come out to my wife before she began her battle with cancer and was not preoccupied with staying alive because we never got to talk about my transition and I will never get to know how she felt about it beyond the fact she once remarked that I looked cute in a pair of women’s jeans. On one hand, that kind of thinking is a normal part of the grieving process, yet on the other hand, it doesn’t make it any easier and it doesn’t keep me from crying my eyes out and messing up my mascara and eyeliner, every time the thought overwhelms me that she is gone and we will not be able to share any more good times together.

    • Deanna, I’m sure that the grieving process is something that will always be with you and I hope that as time goes on, the good times you shared with your wife will shine through the tears, and bring Joy and a smile to your face.

  3. As hard as grieving can be sometimes, I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. Blessings to the lovely you, Katie and to your lovely, loving wife.

  4. That is a super cute picture of you! I know how wonderful it is to have a supportive wife. We are lucky girls.

    Love, Hannah

  5. Very well written and I am sure a lot of transgender people including myself can relate.

  6. I really love your blog. I’ve just can’t stop reading it! It’s nice to be able to find like minded individuals and read their stories. I hope to start a blog soon to share my story..

    P. s. I follow you on Pinterest as well and love your taste!

  7. re your pic having MATE: where did you pick up that enjoyable custom? Have you tried it without sugar, which is the way it should be had?

    • Hi Fran. I was born in Argentina, which explains why I like to have some mate in the morning. I remember my grandparents introducing me to it when I was a kid, before we moved to the US. I’ve always liked my mate with some sugar. I never got used to it amargo.

  8. Your “About” is wonderful.You seem like a truly beautiful lady.

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