Monthly Archives: October 2015

Falling Into Place


Yay Fall!!

There’s nothing quite like the fall season, with everyone else in the country drinking their pumpkin spiced coffees, pumpkin beers, and other pumpkin flavored things that just aren’t for me. So what do I look forward to in the fall, well… the fashion, of course! 🙂

The fall season is the time when I get to dress up more, continue to build up the confidence I’ve been working on before the summer heat, and take advantage of the fall fashion deals! The fall season started with a fun outing to the Mid-South Pride event downtown Memphis, followed by an awesome performance by Jinkx Monsoon and capped by a couple of drinks at an Irish pub in the presence of a couple of co-workers. By the end of the night, I had spent about 12 hours in makeup, wondered around downtown (where there was also a performance of Disney’s Frozen on Ice, so lots of kids and parents), and built up my confidence as I held my head high while talking to new friends over a drink or two.

Today I got to play around with different outfit combinations as I reinforce the notion that women’s fashion is SO much more fun and interesting than guy clothes. It’s taken some time to find the styles that work best for my body and style, but now that I have a good idea of what I like, it’s so fun to play with outfits, especially when you can get a great deal on them.

I hope you all are having a great fall season out there and get to enjoy what’s just around the corner.

Much love,

Katie Amor