“Can You Please Change to a Boy?”

IMG_0699Those words from my four year old nephew, which will be explained shortly, but first things first, wow has it been a long time since I’ve written a blog post.  So what’s happened since my last post, besides leaving it collect dust on the heap of forgotten blogs?  Well, the biggest thing that’s taken place, and what’s consumed quite a bit of time is the fact that we searched for our first home, found it, bought it, moved into it, have been doing quite a bit of work in it, and now enjoying it.

Since my last post I’ve gotten some new ideas of things to write about as it relates to Katie in my everyday life.  The first story has to do with video games.  I’ve always enjoyed playing video games, having great memories as a kid waking up early on a weekend morning to play some Nintendo with my brother.  Early on, whenever there was an option to choose a character, I would often go for the female role.  In recent years I’ve created and played female characters in games like Skyrim and Animal Crossing and really get a kick out of it.  One reason is the fact that I enjoy seeing female characters as the lead role, as the heroine, and of course I’m able to play as my alter ego in a way.

This leads to our new home.  Once we moved, we bought a new gaming console in order to be able to play with my wife’s brother and his four year old son.  Online gaming has been something I’ve shied away from because most of my friends don’t play games and I don’t like to play with complete strangers.  But now that we have some family who are gamers, I wanted to connect with them more often, especially with my nephew through some games.

Minecraft is my nephew’s favorite game, a game where you can be whom ever you want and create anything you want.  Just up my alley!  So of course I choose to play as a girl, in this case a mermaid (how fun!).  As soon as my nephew saw me in the game he said “why are you a girl?”  and then “can you please change to a boy?”.  It was a strange feeling.  It was adorable and totally broke my heart at the same time.  To realize that at age four, kids already know what gender roles to play in order to keep within societies rules, and the fact that my brother-in-law and his son don’t yet know about the real truth.  The truth that I can’t stop my feminine side from expressing its self.

Mermaid Katie, building whatever she wants.

Mermaid Katie, building whatever she wants.

This strange feeling didn’t last long as I took it upon myself to disobey his request, I wasn’t going to change, and in fact I get a kick out of annoying him, in a fun way that is.  Now that we’ve been playing online once or twice a week now for several months, he doesn’t even bring the issue up anymore.  I guess we’ve just got to stick to our principles, and along the way help a four year old realize that you can play and be anyone.


About katieinthehall

I'm a rediscovered crossdresser in my early 30's looking to express my thoughts as I move through this journey of discovery.

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  1. You know perhaps it would be more prudent to actually know why they want you to change rather than assume it is something regarding gender roles enforced by society, for all I know he could just dislike mermaids, I’m not the biggest fan myself.

  2. Glad to see you posting again and congratulations on the new house. I hope Katie has a room for her stuff.
    It is true how people stick to gender roles and how that is passed down to kids. 2 of my neighbors know about Susan but I am not sure if they have told their children and if they did what they said so I am always careful leaving my house still. It still may be your nephew didn’t really think about the gender thing. Hopefully over the next generation we can help make changes in how people think about gender roles. Great blog by the way.

    • Thank you, Susan! It’s about time that I’m back. One thing about my nephew at least is that his dad didn’t seem to care, and had a good time with it. My wife and I think it won’t be long before we tell them about Katie, which will bring (I hope) a wonderful opportunity to connect on a whole new level and expose them to another view point. At least that will make for an interesting blog post.

  3. Well that’s interesting he wanted you to change to a boy. I know some little boys that don’t like playing as females. Looking at the Mermaid Katie, that’s a really awesome avatar! I’ve heard kids throw fits at random things though. It could have just been that moment. I heard my cousin’s 3 year old daughter throw a fit she wanted a yellow car. My cousin laughed and said mama’s not a taxi.

    • Interesting indeed. My nephew’s reaction wasn’t just to the mermaid, it was the same to whichever female character I picked to play, even to my current character, a companion from Dr. Who. Either way, we’re having a good time now and getting to play together, even though we’re far away from each other.

  4. You have already shown a lot of courage to allow Katie out of the closet for those close to You probably needn’t worry about your nephew because what ever made him say what he did will be soon forgotten, except by you, of course. Kids seem to get used to new ideas much more readily than adults.

    • That is something I’ve often heard about, that kids accept change more readily. He’s a good, smart kid with a great father and mother, so I know he’ll turn out well.

  5. Do you have a way for someone to contact you?

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