Sharp Contrast


Wiseacre, our favorite brewery in town!

As many of you know I have a love of beer, which leads to my wife and I enjoying ourselves whenever we go to a beer festival.  During our last beer-tasting event I was reminded of how sharp the contrast between the two ends of my identity can be sometimes, swinging from one end to another in no time flat.

We visited our favorite local brewery, which was hosting their first beer-tasting event and got to make a new friend.  There we were, getting something to eat at an awesome food truck that parked for the event, when my wife sparked up a conversation with a stranger wearing a gay pride shirt.  She said how we’re big allies of the LGBT community, which is when I stepped in to say that I was more than an ally, I was part of the T in LGBT, and told him all about Katie, only moments after getting his name.  Afterwards, I found it so interesting how a simple shirt got me to open up to a complete stranger.  I guess it’s part of me being much more comfortable with who I am.

Good people, beer, music.....and trains!

Good people, beer, music…..and trains!

It was just a few minutes after talking to our new friend when things swung sharply.  One of my ice hockey teammates (I play on a local recreational adult team) walked up to say hi, which is when we stopped talking about our favorite drag queens in town, and started talking about beer and hockey.  As you could imagine, a locker room environment filled with guys doesn’t make for the most reassuring environment, so needlessly to say, I don’t see myself coming out to any of my hockey pals.  Once my hockey friend left to browse the options, we resumed to talk about the local LGBT community, drag, and gender.  To be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t get whiplash, LOL.

Looking back on this day, I’m happy that I took the opportunity to make a new friend in the local community, which in the end was one of the goals I wanted to work on for the year.  This day also makes me think, why have such abrupt swings? I guess it’s a necessity for the moment.  I have for a long time felt that my gender views are a private matter, not secret in that no one should know, but a private matter that a select few are privy to.  In a perfect world it would be nice to speak on these matters open to everyone, but we’re still working our way there.

Anyways, it’s almost time for the World Cup, and it’s going to be a month full of excitement.  Excitement for my home county and excitement for my adopted county.

!Vamos Argentina!

!Vamos Argentina!

Much love to all,



About katieinthehall

I'm a rediscovered crossdresser in my early 30's looking to express my thoughts as I move through this journey of discovery.

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  1. Hockey, What fun! I always thought that would be great fun. Tough, but fun.

    What a great conversation to have at the festival. And how interesting to have such a large swing. I would have to agree with you about it being a private matter. I am open to several people, but there are people who just don’t need to know.

    I suppose though with all of my gender non-conforming behaviors most people know at least something. I have thought about being more open though when questioned about it. I think I might finally have the vocabulary and knowledge to be able to talk about it.

    Hmm… interesting thoughts Katie, thanks!

    • My pleasure Nadine. I’ve been playing hockey since I was in middle school and It’s such a fun way to spend an hour working out. Although, it’s a lot of equipment to haul around.

      After I wrote this post I did have the same thought as you. If you’re someone who goes out in public, you’re gender-conforming behaviors are no longer private, but who you talk about it still is. But from all your experiences you write about, most people don’t care, and are quite nice to interact with, which is always nice to read about.

      Have a nice week.

  2. Sounds like a fun day, Katie. It is strange sometimes the dichotomies of our lives. I’ve found that the more comfortable i become with myself the more i’ll talk about Teela with others, even complete strangers. Keep having fun. Have a great summer!

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