A Tale of Two Wigs

For a while now I’ve been thinking that I’m well overdue for a new wig.  A synthetic wig only last so long, and I’m assuming much less when you’re new to the world of wigs and don’t completely know how to take care of them.   I’ve only owned a handful of wigs, and my favorite one I use all the time is my Jon Renau Zara wig.  It was my first expensive wig, and after spending a lot of time online researching colors, styles, and brands, I was rewarded with an amazing head of hair.  So, when it came time last month to take advantage of amazing online deals, which new wig would I go for?

Looking back now to when I first purchased my Zara wig, almost two and a half years ago, I’ve developed a style around it that has represented who I am.  A lot of the style comes from the clothes I choose for my figure, along with the style and color of my hair.  With that said, I found it very hard to picture myself wearing a different style or color, especially since I’ve gotten many compliments already with what I have now.  It was at this point that the decision was clear to me, I would purchase the same wig in the same color (130-4), and I couldn’t be happier.

I thought it would be a great idea to show how my wig has changed over the course of its use when compared to a brand new one.  It’s important to note that during the first year I had my original Zara wig, I don’t know how to take care of it at all and I’m sure its current condition reflects that neglect.  I now wash my wigs on a regular basis with the proper wig shampoos and conditioners.  The only difference between the two is that I was able to find my new Zara wig in a larger cap size, which works great for my head.

One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed is from the lace-front part to the wig.  The old wig has thinned quite a bit over the years when you compare it to the thicker cap of the new one.  Another noticeable difference comes from the condition of the fibers, especially towards the ends.  The old fibers are rough and frizzled, compared to the smooth fibers of the new one.  One of the surprises I found was that the color of the old wig didn’t fade much over the years, if at all.

Now that I have two Zara wigs, I plan to use the old one for days I’m just being lazy around the apartment, and use the new one for days I go out on the town.  With the experience I’ve gained I’m sure I’ll be able to better care for my new investment, and I’ll have to see who the new Zara looks like in two years.

Have a great week everyone,



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I'm a rediscovered crossdresser in my early 30's looking to express my thoughts as I move through this journey of discovery.

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  1. I love this color on you. When I first started reading, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel if you changed wigs. Ha. I know I’ve only been reading your blog for a few days now but I’ve grown to know your face.

    This sounds super stalker-like….

    • I know the feeling. I wouldn’t feel like the same person if I had a different wig, although when I look at drag queens, they have a million different colors and styles. I think that amount of change would drive me crazy. Anyways, I’m happy that you’re enjoying the blog, comment as much as you want. 🙂

      • I have actually thought about doing drag. I love every aspect of it. Sequins and glitter are my best friends. But that’s different. I’d be playing the part. I would expressing my femininity, but also putting on a show. I’ve been having a hard time in my wig search. I’ve even contemplated not wearing one. I actually didn’t wear one the second time I went out. Just spiked my hair into a cute pixie cut. It worked well but it just wasn’t the same. Long hair makes me feel glamorous.

      • We do share a lot in common. If I had any talent dancing, singing, or being on stage, I’d love to do some drag performances. I even know the song I would sing to (Love Letter by Clairy Brown). Maybe if I want to push myself I could do an amateur night.

        Sometimes when I take off my wig after a long day wearing it, my guy hair is all messed up in a good way, and it looks good if I ever wanted to wear it like that, but there is nothing quite as feminine as long hair.

  2. Love the comparison Katie. You know how much I love your hair, cause I bought the same one! Well a different color at least. But yea when researching wigs, there really is not a lot of choices with all the options that the Zara offers.

    When brushing my wig, I often have quite a few hairs in my brush. (Yes I do know that fingers or combs tend to be better to the hair, but a wig brush is just so much more efficient at removing the tangles.) Anywho, I often joke to my wife when I look at the brush, “well there goes another dollars worth of hair.” She says, well yeah but everyone looses hair from their head. My response, well yeah but wigs don’t grow it back.

    I sooooo wish my natural hair still grew like it did when I 15. Wow, what a head of hair I had back then!

    • I to wish I had hair like I did in my teens, but I guess I’ll just have to deal with my lovely Zara, which I’m more than happy too. Any time I’m brushing it or cleaning it, I find some loose strands of hair no matter how careful you are, but at least I know that I’ll get some good use out of it for many years to come.

  3. Hi Katie,
    i am so glad follow to your blog and i want to be your friend
    sorry my english not well, but i am still learning
    now i think i am not alone

    thank you for sharing


    • Thank you Riya for stopping by and saying hi. Thanks to the internet we’ve all learned that we are not alone and that we can all have an impact in our world. I’m am more than happy to share and I hope to see what thoughts you have to share as well.

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