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Expectations and Reality

What makes a person who they are?  What makes them deal with issue the way they do?  Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how an individual chooses to deal with a challenge, large or small.  How someone deals with the gap between expectations and reality has to define an individual up to a point, I think.

So often, ones mind will build an expectation of something that reality just can’t stand up to.  There are countless examples I can think about, such as the expectation that waxing was going to be this great thing that was going to solve all my problems, to the reality that it’s going to take time and effort to really see the benefit.  Optimism can help bridge this gap between the two, and with hard work, the goal can be achieved.


Ouch! That did some damage!

There is also the expectation that my indoor cat, who has always been healthy, will always be okay.  The reality of course if that he’ll have kidney stones and almost die on us.  That gap was breached with $900 and the realization that I really love my cat and missed him when he was at the ER vet, even though he still gives me judgmental looks for no good reason.

Cat: Put me down now!!!

Cat: Put me down, now!!!

There is also the expectation of routine phone calls from my 82 year old grandmother, who lives 5000 miles away, with news that all is well.  The reality is that she is 82 with mounting, serious health problems.  The reality that I may have just had the last conversation with a woman who had an enormous impact in my life.  I hope to bridge that gap with the knowledge that the life lessons she taught me will be passed on, and the hope that doctors can help her.

It’s not always like this, the reality of life can sometimes surpass your expectations.  Yesterday, my wife and I were at a pub having some drinks with a good friend from my work.  Up to this point, I never expected that I would reveal Katie to someone from work, but the reality of what happened surprised me, in a good way.  We were all talking about personal issues, and after having had a drink or two, I though it was a good time to reveal something personal about myself.  As with other friends, I thought carefully before telling my friend about Katie, and to my relief, the reality of the outcome was so positive and rewarding.

Expectation: I hope this new top works out.  Reality: Nailed it!

Expectation: I hope this new top works out. Reality: Nailed it!

It’s not easy bridging the gap between ones expectations and reality, but how we choose to deal with the difference reveals something interesting about ourselves.  With that said, I now have the expectation that I will enjoy the rest of the evening before succumbing to the reality that the weekend is almost over.  Oh well, such is life…

Much love,