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IMG_2468 copyAs someone in the scientific field, I know a thing or two about equilibriums.  I know about their delicate balance and also about how easy it is to tilt them from one end to the other.  The last couple of months have been quiet, with the equilibrium shifted to the male side, as I’ve been spending quality time with the wife, busy with projects, work, and saving up some money for the future.  This has caused the balance to shift, and I can feel that it will soon rebalance itself again.  Katie is never far from my mind; she’s actually just a few taps away hidden in the photo album of my phone, providing a brief moment of joy in an otherwise busy day.

I am itching for the upcoming opportunities to push myself further this fall and winter as our local pride parade comes ever closer.  I picture myself coming out to more friends and having Katie make some new ones on her own.  I picture myself telling my mom about Katie over a cup of coffee in her kitchen.  I picture myself doing some shopping for a nice dress, after having had the chance to try out my new waxing kit.  I often look at my hairy legs and picture how they would look bare, and I don’t mean to be self-centered, but I think I have some great legs to show the world if they were waxed.

I think this is just some built-up anticipation for what I hope to accomplish this year.  I hope for so much moving forward, that it’s just been a while since I’ve had a taste of that progress I know that I can make.  Things are beginning to shift back again; we’ll just have to see where I’ll end up.

Have a great weekend everyone,



Summertime Slowdown

Heat be damned, I'm getting dressed up!

Heat be damned, I’m getting dressed up!

Wow, it’s been three weeks since my last post.  I’ve been a bit out of the loop when it comes to the blogging world.  To be honest, I’ve been busy with some other things, mostly catching up on some awesome video games, which I’ve fallen way behind on over the years, and binging on episode after episode of Dr. Who.  On top of that, I’ve lost some motivation to do some writing on my thoughts and feelings, as I haven’t had a chance to spend time as Katie for a few weeks.

I love summer for all the activities in the city, but I don’t like the summer when it comes time to don that wig.  Besides the heat, I have a separate issue when it comes to being comfortable.  I would love to be able to wear a dress and enjoy a nice summer evening out.  The issue has to do with my hair, all that body hair.  Now, I know every guy has body hair, so you may say “Katie, why don’t you just shave it off”?  That sounds easy, but you must understand that when I say I have body hair, I mean I have a ridiculous amount of body hair (head to toe, and from front to back).  It’s been something I’ve had to deal with since middle school (I’m serious, I remember starting to shave in 7th grade).  I avoid the pools, the beeches, and the water parks, anything where I have to take off my shirt.

This all means that when I do dress up, I wear jeans (or thick opaque tights), long sleeve tops, or jackets to help cover up the hair.  So far it has worked out just fine, at least when it’s not 100 degrees out.  I’m always looking for ways to improving myself, and trying to achieve my goals, whether it is coming out to friends and family, or practicing on my skills.  Recently my friend, Nadine, wrote a nice post on waxing.  After reading her article and watching some YouTube videos, I thought that waxing might be a worth a try.  I ordered everything I need and will have to try it out in the following weeks.

I’ll take it slow and see how it goes.  It might be a while before I work up to waxing the whole body, and I’ll have to see how my wife reacts to it.  She’s mentioned in the past that she likes all that body hair, and I have to think about the balance.  Is it fair to take away something she likes about me?  If I were hairless, I might love going to the pool, or the beach.  We’ll just have to wait and see how it works out.

I hope you all had a great weekend,