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Time to get my hands dirty…with makeup!

As many of you know, I love makeup.  I love the transformative properties it provides along with the artistic creativity it affords me.  I’ve been working on my skills with makeup for nearly three years now and it seems to be getting me noticed.  I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am by far not a professional makeup artist, and will admit to the fact that I think I’m quite average when it comes to makeup.  With that being said I’ve received many compliments from people all over the place, and recently my friend Hanna has suggested that I give a little rundown on my routine.  So here we go…

Before we get too deep into the post, let me talk a little about the tools of the trade.  If you’re just starting out with makeup, it’s probably a good idea to stick with cheap options, such as using swabs or cheap brushes for applying eyeshadows, and using drugstore brands of makeup.  As you get the hang of it, you can then move up and invest in a nice set of brushes and makeup.  Another basic tip, YouTube!!!  I learned almost everything I know from it, and so can you!

After getting a close shave and finding a confortable place to sit, I usually start of first with my eyes (I usually make a mess with eyeshadows).  I start with a primer base (Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion), and then I start my work with the Urban Decay Naked palette (around $50, a heck of a deal for what you get), for a bold natural eye makeup look. DSC_0089

I usually start with a white eyeshadow and brush that up from the inner corner up to the brow for a highlight color.  Then I take a light gold color for the inner eye, and gradually change to darker shades as I work myself to the outer eye.  Then I take a dark color, and with a blending brush, blend that color from the outside corner towards the inner corner along the crease of the eye.Untitled-1

I use a MAC Kohl pencil (in Feline) to line the bottom and smudge the line with a pencil brush.   I then use the same pencil to color in my bottom and top waterline (the top is not necessary and tough to do), followed by MAC blacktrack gel liner for the inner eye (I get the pointy thin line in the inner corner by using a thin brush I bought at a crafts store, cheap way to go, oh…and a ton of practice).Untitled-2

I finish up the eyes with a brow pencil (I use a thin brush to blend out the color along the brown and fill it in), lashes, and some mascara.Untitled-3

After applying some lotion, and a base primer (MAC Perp+Prime), it’s time for the foundation (MAC studio fix fluid).  Since I am quite pale, I have a noticeable line of foundation at the bottom of my neck, which I blend out into my upper chest with the lightest shade of foundation I could find.  This gives me a nice transition from the face, to the neck, and to the body.  I follow this up with Dermablend along my beard area, which does wonders to coverup the noticeable beard shadow.  I finish up the foundation with a translucent powder to set the foundation.Untitled-4

Next up: contouring.  This is most dramatically used by drag queens to shape their faces, but I tone it down quite a bit for an everyday look.  You can search for YouTube videos to explain how to contour the face.  I use a MAC blush palette to help shape the face, the nose, and the cheeks, using a light color for the highlight, and some shades of brown to create depth.Untitled-5

To finish things up, I add a little blush, line my lips, chose a nice lipstick, and don my wig to wrap it up, at least for the makeup, there’s still an outfit to choose…DSC_0087

Have a great week everyone! Love,



Laying the Groundwork

Since last Christmas I’ve been thinking that at some point I’ve got to open up to my parents and tell them about Katie.  I decided that I had to achieve this goal after talking to a friend of my wife’s from high school, who is underdoing hormone treatment as a transgender man.  I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to our friend about Katie during our holiday family visit last year, and through our conversation I realized I needed to be open to my family, just as he had done with his family.

I was thinking about telling my folks during our visit to Ohio later this year for the holidays, but that idea changed last week.  My mom called early last week asking if they could visit us for the weekend, which was a bit on short notice, but since we didn’t have any plans, we said “sure, come on down”.   Throughout the week, I couldn’t help but think that this was an opportunity, since I only get to see my parents a couple times a year, to sit them down and explain to them the changes I’ve gone through the last few years; changes that have made my life so much happier.

On Friday my mind was going around in circles, and as someone who likes to plan everything possible, I was working out in my mind how this was going to go down.  We went out for a nice dinner on Friday night, and then did some sightseeing on Saturday.  We toured Sun Studios, checked out the Peabody hotel ducks, went to a movie (Despicable Me 2), and then finished with a nice dinner Saturday night.  In the end, I just ran out of time.  There were many occasions when the words I wanted to say were at the tip of my tongue, but I just hesitated at the last moment.

At least during some conversations over dinner, certain things were said that made me think that coming out is a good idea.  Conversation about being happy with who you are, no matter what others think helped me to picture a positive outcome when I do open up.

So…what did I take out of the experience?  I think I was able to laydown the groundwork for what I wanted to do by the end of the year.  I worked out what I wanted to say, and how to say it, so I don’t think this was a lost opportunity.  At least I feel as if I’m making the personal progress that I want to make in order to grow as an individual.