Springtime in the City…oh, and Alexis Mateo!!!

Over the last few weeks I haven’t had much of a chance to sit down and do some writing. The major reason is that Memphis in springtime is a perfect time to get out of the apartment and enjoy the best that the city has to offer. It’s a perfect time to stroll down Beale Street with some friends and unwind from all of life’s usual stressors. We’ve also been working on brewing our summer beers, getting them ready for the Memphis heat.

Today we got to enjoy one of the numerous crawfish festivals in the area, and got to enjoy our first time sucking on some spicy heads. My wife was able to relax and let the stress of school melt away, even if it was for a short time.

The highlight of the weekend was our visit to Jack Magoo’s sports bar for a drag show, featuring Alexis Mateo! Alexis is one of my all time favorite RuPaul Drag Race contestants and I couldn’t pass up the possibility to dress up and go out for my second drag show. We got to the bar an hour before the show started and was able to meet Alexis as she arrived. We cheered as she arrived and she headed straight to our table. I was in a surreal state when she gave my wife and I a hug. I was able to talk to her, introducing myself as Katie, cheering her on as a fellow Latina, and blushed as she complimented me on my look. I couldn’t believe that just happened.



While we were waiting for the show to start, some guy, who had been at the bar for a while drinking, joined our table. He was pleasant, not rude or obnoxious, but it was the first time I had an extended conversation with a complete stranger as Katie. It took him a while to figure out I was a guy, dressed up as a woman, but then again, he had had a few drinks. Thankfully he didn’t stay long, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at any time. We then got to enjoy the performance of many local drag kings and drag queens, some of whom recognized me from previous visits, and I got a chance to know them a bit further.

The feature attraction worked her way to the stage and just rocked it. I love how Alexis does her makeup and I loved the performance she gave. Alexis Mateo was a class act and so kind, taking pictures with her adoring fans (myself included). Needlessly to say, I generously tipped all performers for their excellent performances.

At the end of the night (or should I say early morning), I left the show feeling rejuvenated. I felt much more comfortable going out, talking to strangers, and getting to know some of the local drag queens a bit further. It is a community I feel I want to know further. I also left feeling like there might me a wonderful opportunity here for me. I have never performed in front of a crowd, and never “just let loose”. Could I do drag? This is the question I asked myself after the show. Could I learn to let loose and perform? I’ll have to think about it and see if there are any amateur nights I could check out. At least it might be something to try once…

Till the next drag show,



About katieinthehall

I'm a rediscovered crossdresser in my early 30's looking to express my thoughts as I move through this journey of discovery.

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  1. Great post here Katie. So happy you are getting out there and meeting great people. I am jealous of your warm weather as we are uncommonly looking at yet another 3″ of snow this week. Keep up the great experiences and I hope your summer brew turns out amazing. 🙂

    • Thanks again Anna for your support and encouragement. I think you won’t be so jealous in a couple of months when the heat and humidity hit town. At least where you live, people know how to drive in snowy weather. Around here, if the weatherman says there’s a possibility of snow, people freak out, jam the grocery stores, and close the schools. I think I’ll write a little review of the summer series of beers once their done, it would be a little something different. Have a great week Anna!

  2. What a great post. Thanks for sharing. I personally have never tried crawfish, but I want to.

    I don’t know much about your personal skill set, but you appear to be able to do whatever you set your mind to, so I am sure you could figure out a drag show if you wanted to.

    Best to you.

    • Thanks Nadine. We’re not too far away from Louisiana and the influences of creole cooking. I’ve become addicted to a good jumbo or jambalaya. I’m sure there must be a few places out on the west coast which can offer some fresh crawfish for your taste buds.

      As for my personal goals, I tend to keep an opened mind, and prepare as much as I can. Things seem to work themselves out most of the time. I guess time will tell,

  3. Woah…my son loves Alexis! I will have to send him the link to this post. There’s a venue in the “big city” (said with a thick Southern accent) nearest us where several of the Drag Race contestants have performed, but it’s an 18+ venue, so i haven’t been able to take him to see any of the performers he follows.

    • I’ve never been star struck before, but my wife (who took the picture) said the look on my face next to Alexis was priceless. I couldn’t believe I was next to her. We’ve become so addicted to the drag scene, that our Facebook likes are mostly Drag Queen related. I am so rooting for Jinkx to win it all this season. I hope there are some drag events Jacob can attend, if not, I know three years is a long time to wait to turn 18.

      • Rooting for Jinkx here too! There are local drag events and we go occasionally, but there’s something about being told he’s “too young” to see his favorites that really gets to him. I don’t blame him!

      • I’m sure it happens a lot to the youth community. These queens are much more than performers, so many make excellent role models for the young crowd.

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