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As a guy, being 6’1″ has its advantages at times.  I help out around the apartment and at stores, reaching for things out of reach of my 5-foot-even wife.  At concerts I have no problem seeing the stage, peering above the heads if others.  However, in the past couple of years I’ve realized there are some drawbacks of being tall, as a trans/crossdresser.  I have a hard time finding shoes that fit, and when they do, I tower over everyone in my heels, helping draw a lot of attention when out and about.  Jewelry is also a problem, having a hard time finding rings and bracelets that fit my finders and wrists.

The other day, while spending time on Pinterest looking for accessory ideas, I had the idea that I should make my own jewelry.  I have often bought elastic rings, thinking that the elastic string would help to fit my larger fingers, only to find that they cut off the blood supply to my finger.  Not my idea of a good time!  So a stop to our local Michael’s was in order.  I wasn’t sure what I would find, or how much they had for jewelry making, but I was surprised with the quantity of options available.  I bought some adjustable ring blanks, large pendants, some silk flowers, and my first glue gun.

As you might guess, Glue Gun and I will be close friends.  I absolutely love the rings I put together, and will be wearing them out soon.  I also bought some elastic sting to fix my other rings, which were too tight.  Now that I have these tools in hand, I keep coming up with other custom jewelry ideas!




This past weekend, my wife needed a much-deserved spring break from all the schoolwork, so we packed up our suitcase and headed down the road, to Nashville (or Nashvegas as our friends call it).  We took in the sights on Broadway, listened to live music, had a few drinks, and enjoyed the company of some friends who joined in on our trip.  Our friends took us to a great piano bar call “The Big Bang”, where the audience can request any song, and the band would play it, for a price of course.  It amazed me the extent of music knowledge the band members needed to know in order to keep up with the requests.  We even enjoyed an SEC tournament basketball game, watching a back and forth game between Florida and Alabama.

Besides The downtown scene, we took full advantage of our shopping options.  We went to a few liquor stores, where I found some awesome hard to find and interesting beers (it’s like an adult scavenger hunt).  We also enjoyed some local beers and a Yazoo brewery tour.  Thankfully we were only a short taxi ride away from our hotel.

My love of MAC Cosmetics was only reinforced through this trip.  Anytime I’ve been to a MAC store and I asked for assistance in finding products for me, not just for my wife, they have always been so helpful.  The makeup artist in Nashville even suggested a couple of local clubs that feature Nashville’s drag queens (future trip?!?! Definitely!).  Thanks to Pinterest, I had a game plan ready for the malls of Nashville and was able to pickup some new tops, which will help fill out my wardrobe.  Including these outfits into my photo album has been helping me keep a record of which pieces work together, and it helps keep outfit ideas ready for anytime I decide to venture out.Untitled

During my time in Nashville, I began to realize and feel that I have been neglecting my male self.  I have spent a lot of time over the last year, building up my Katie wardrobe, and working on putting outfits together.  During this time I have done almost no shopping for me, the male side.  Now that I have a decent wardrobe for Katie, I have begun to feel that I need to put that energy towards improving the guy side of the closet.  I’ve been wearing the same clothes to work for years (some with holes in them), and it’s definitely time for an overhaul.

I like to think that I am good at balancing things in my life, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.  Time to realize the imbalance and work to correct it.