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Own It!

Over the last month, having gone out in public twice as Katie (last night as Bloody Mary), the most important lesson I’ve learned is to “Own It”.  If you set out to do something for yourself, be confident in what you do, and don’t let anyone get you down.  Owning what you do has such a powerful affect on your attitude and those around you.

Last night was the first time in years that I’ve dressed up in a costume for Halloween.  My costume of choice this year had to reflect the feminine side I’ve developed, and a need to satisfy my badass attitude I wanted to explore.  As a fan of MissChievous on YouTube, I fell in love with her vampire tutorial, and I had my mind set on this look for months, as I worked on getting all the parts to build the outfit.  A black leather jacket, with dark jeans, and a kick ass pair of Nine West black platform heeled boots.  After pride, I spent a couple of weekends getting the makeup down, to the point I was happy with.

These boots were made for walking, and stomping the life out of anyone who gets in my way!

On Saturdays, my wife K, has nursing clinicals, which take up most of the day.  The plan was for me to get ready at our apartment and meet K, along with some friends, downtown after they were done with their nursing stuff.  This meant I had to get ready and drive downtown, alone.  I was a little nervous, but I knew this is want I wanted and needed to do.  After putting on the last part of my outfit, the black leather jacket, I had this amazing confident feeling flow over me.  I was so happy with how I looked, I had no problem stepping out that door with my head held high, believing on who I was and what I was doing.

Mmm, you look tasty. What’s your blood type?

The night consisted of wondering downtown on Beale street, having some drinks, food, playing some darts (in my awesome boots), and going to some karaoke bars.  Our group consisted of K (dressed as Katniss from the hunger games), myself, and a couple, one of who is a classmate with K.  This couple have become good friends of ours and have been so respectful and open to me and Katie.

Black and white makes anything look cool.

The one issue that came up last night was which restroom to use.  I figured that since I was about 6’6″ with my boots on, I wasn’t fooling anyone, and to avoid making a scene, I used the men’s room.  Luckily, most of the times I had to go, there weren’t many people around.  The best part was the offer from our friends to kick anyone’s ass if they messed with me, which was a nice offer, and which luckily wasn’t needed.

Where am I?

In the end it was a great night.  Many people stopped me in the street to ask for pictures, and complement me on my heels.  I was proud I wore them all night long without complaining.  I was confident stomping the streets and owning who I was, feeling like a badass, with no one getting in my way.  If they did, I would have just bit them to death and drank their still warm blood.  Muahahahaha!

I guess this beer will do, for now….

Happy Halloween everyone,



Friday Quote












Sometimes it’s so much fun throwing the rules out the window.  Speaking of rules, our Halloween party downtown is coming up tomorrow, and I’ll be definitely breaking some of societies rules for a night, and having a blast while doing so.  I’ve been busy over the last couple of weeks, getting the final touches to my scary costume.  Pictures and story to follow soon…. 🙂

Have a great weekend my dear friends,



Britney and I at MAC

Britney and I at MAC

Yesterday I checked off the last goal I had set out to achieve this year when I started my blog back in January.  Several months back, our good friends from Mississippi invited me to join them for the Mid-south pride festival, which took place yesterday on Beale street in Memphis.  I committed myself to attend and there was no looking back. For months I worked over the details as I put together my plan for the event.  We went shopping for an outfit, purse, makeup, and even got some contact lenses.  I kept practicing my skills to achieve the look I wanted.  I washed my favorite wig and took care to untangle the hairs, section by section.  I knew that if I wanted to go out for the first time, I wanted to look the best that I could.

Saturday morning I started out by waking up early, having some tea and breakfast, and then hitting the shower to do a lot of shaving.  I had a ton of arm hair to shave, along with my face and chest.  Then I went through my regular routine to get ready for the day.  Our friends from Mississippi arrived around noon, and then we headed downtown.  The sun was out, and it was turning out to be a gorgeous start to the day.  But by the time we parked the car, the clouds rolled in, along with the wind, as it started to get a little cool.

By this time, I was just a little nervous and looking forward to getting to the park where they had the event stationed.  We walked through Beale street, and the first thing I enjoyed was the feeling of the wind blowing through my favorite wig, as I kept running my fingers through it.  Awesome 🙂  I walked through the streets with confidence and I didn’t look people in the eye, thinking it would bring unnecessary attention.  I just minded my own business, with a little grin on my face, as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

We got to the park next to Beale street and walked around the different LGBT associated booths they had set up.  I got to meet some of the local drag queens as people were getting ready for the parade.  Unfortunately the skies opened up and it began to rain.  Needlessly to say, I was shivering, and maybe in the early stages of hypothermia (just kidding, lol).  Because of the rain the crowd was quite light for the parade, and we soon headed to the Rum Boogie Cafe after the parade, to warm up and get something to eat.

One of the best parts of the day was the server at the restaurant.  She began by asking me “What would you like to drink shug?” in an awesome, typical southern style, followed up by “and what are you having, sweetie?”.  That just stuck with me, putting a nice smile on my face.  Unfortunately, the rain continued, and after our burgers, we walked around Beale street a little more, and then headed home.  It would have been nice to spend some more time at the park and make some new connections, but people were already closing up and heading out.

One of the last things I wanted to do was to stop by and see my friend and makeup artist Britney at our local MAC counter.  She has helped me though out the year to find the products that have helped me out, and to really appreciate makeup.  She also is someone special because she dresses as the woman she is meant to be and has made me realize that it’s no big deal to be out and about as the person you truly are.  Be confident and proud!

Overall it was a great experience, despite the weather.  Things were much easier than I thought, probably because I planned this out as much as I could, and with great friends to lean on, anything was possible.

Now it’s time to plan my halloween outing. 🙂


Live from Beale street


First time out and about as Katie at the Mid-south Pride Festival today.  I’ll write about my experience and post some more pictures soon. 🙂