There’s nothing like a little shopping to make a girl feel great, and gurl let me tell you, I’m feeling just fine.  I’m siting at my computer, writing, jamming to some music, and wearing some new threads I got yesterday.  I did some online shopping and found an awesome deal on a Calvin Kline top, which should be here sometime next week.  Yesterday, after a long time of not doing much shopping, my wife K and I went to our favorite second hand shop in town.  This shop sell used name brand items at prices I can love.  We sometimes get in trouble when we go there because K loves Coach purses, and they have a wide selection of them.  Anyways, this weekend was tax-free shopping, so we took advantage and bought some nice clothes.  I got some guy clothes and some clothes for Katie.  I was able to get an awesome silk top, which feels great for the summer time, and my first dress.

We then headed over to the mall to get some help from my good friend at the MAC cosmetics counter.  I have a Maybelline lip stick in my favorite shade, and my friend was able to help me find a MAC lip stick (Dark Side) and lip gloss (Decorative) in a similar shade, and they feel great on my lips.  After that, we hit up an ice cream stand to cool off, and headed home.

After reading a post from Nadine, over at Unordinary Style, I’ve decided to start keeping a photo album of each one of my outfits.  I’ll be able to learn how to better build an outfit with the pieces I have if I try on different combinations each time I get dressed, and keeping a record will help me learn what works and what doesn’t.

With that said, I hope you all had a great weekend.



About katieinthehall

I'm a rediscovered crossdresser in my early 30's looking to express my thoughts as I move through this journey of discovery.

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  1. Love what you bought, I can see why your in a good mood! 🙂

  2. Your first dress? Wow. I really like it. I like the shoulders on it. Are those called cap shoulders? I also really like the V neckline. Both of those things tend to create a very flattering image on me. It will most likely look great on you.

    I really like the record of the clothes that I have worn. It totally helps for me to see what looks better on me. I love it! Glad to see that you are going to try it out. Keep us updated on how it works out for you.

    • Thanks Nadine. I think they are cap shoulders, I haven’t worn it much yet. I’m definitely looking forward to the cooler weather this fall, when It’ll be easier to have a dress up day and build up my album with a bunch of outfits. I’ll keep things updated as I go along.

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