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In my last post I ended it by saying that this past weekend was going to be special, and boy was it ever true.  As I mentioned in my post, Gutturball, I came out to some of our friends from Mississippi.  One of these friends, L, was very interested in what I did, and had lots of questions about how I did the transformation.  Since then, L has been interested in transforming into his feminine self.  So I invited him and some friends over to have some makeovers.

We had plans for this big day for over three weeks, and I was so excited for the chance to dress in front of others (K being the only one who’s seen Katie in person), and give a friend his first transformation.  On Sunday, we invited 4 friends over, including L and his partner T, our bowling friend M and her husband W.

As soon as they arrived to out apartment, L wanted to check out my shoe collection and try on some heels.  He did well for his first time, although it didn’t help my shoes were large on him.  Then we went through my collections of wigs, as lots of questions were asked, all of which I was more than happy to answer.

L wanted to watch me get all dressed up first, but since our bathroom is not large enough for 5 people to watch someone put on makeup, I moved everything to the dinning room.  It was actually nice to have a chair to sit in and do my makeup.  It was my first time doing this in front of anyone, and in this case there were 5 people watching me.  It was a bit awkward to begin with, but after focusing on my routine, I felt more comfortable.  As I did my makeup, I began to explain my process to L, because I would be helping him with his makeup next.

After I got finished and dressed, it was time for L to get his makeup done.  I was a bit hesitant, because I’ve only been doing makeup a few times a month over the last year and a half.  Needlessly to say, I’m no makeup artist, and I’ve only done makeup on my face, which I’ve come to know how to work with.  As I got started, I had to fix a few mistakes, and kept asking the ladies in the room for their opinion for colors which would go well with L’s skin tones.

As we got closer to being finished, I could tell that he was happy with what he saw developing.  After getting into some clothes he bought the day before, and trying on a couple of wigs, we were both happy with the outcome, especially for being his first time.  He soon found out how hot the wigs can be, especially when it’s nearly 100 degrees outside.  The wig stayed on long enough for some pictures to be taken, and some big smiles to come through.

After all the makeup, shoes, food, and drinks, several hours had passed and it was time for them to go.  We all were looking forward to Sunday, and it was not disappointing.  I got a chance to be Katie in front of others (something that was easier than I thought), and helped a friend with his first transformation.  At the end of the day, we all said we needed to do this again sometime, which I’m already looking forward too. 🙂

Have a great week everyone,




Looking back at my posts, I’ve noticed that I haven’t posted pictures in a while.  Photography is one of my many hobbies, and each time I go out, I enjoy taking my camera.  Over the years I’ve collected thousands of nature pictures, many of which I’ve shared here.  Looking over my library of pictures, there is a lack of urban pictures, which is an area that I’d like to fill over the next year or so.  So on this Friday, I though I’d share some of the pictures I do have, and hope to share some newer pictures of the Memphis area as the year progresses.  Many of the pictures are from walks along south main, an area which is seeing much needed revitalization.  There are many art galleries, restaurants, bars, and lots of music.  There is quite a contrast between old abandoned buildings, and buildings which have been renovated and brought back to life.

Happy Friday everyone, this weekend is going to be special, something that I’ll have to share about later 😉


I’m a Feminist Because…

K forwarded me yet another awesome video from YouTube.  It’s this kind of message that makes me hopeful that things will improve as people begin to understand that we all must be free to be the individuals we are, free from pressure to be someone we’re not.

My favorite color is purple.  I LOVE heels, and makeup.  I love learning about fashion, although I have a long long way to go.  I love the interactions I have with women, and have built strong friendships with wonderful women, and men.  I support the issues that affect my wife.  I support LGBT causes (although I’d like to get more personally involved).  These things don’t make me less of a person, either when presenting as my masculine or feminine self.  They make for a unique person.

Writing this post made me remember a song by Shania Twain called “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”.  I remember watching this music video A LOT back in high school and thinking “I’d like to have fun like her”.  I wanted to feel what it’s like to ware all those sexy outfits and get to feel those emotions she sings about.  A lot of it is about feeling sexy and confident about ones self, something I never feel when I’m my regular guy self.  I think when I get dressed as Katie, there’s a certain personality/attitude that is developing that is not part of my male side.  They’re emotions that are hard to explain sometimes.  When I have those heels, skirt, wig, and makeup on, I get a little taste of what it feels like, and I love it.  I look in the mirror, and I feel lighter, more confident, with a big smile on my face, a smile which is completely new to me.  I get to put my masculine self aside for a little bit and enjoy being feminine and a little silly (like those pictures from last weekend).  As with the video above, of course there is nothing wrong with this, as long as you’re having a good time doing it.  Now if I could only find some awesome boots like Shania had in the video in size 12 :).

Have a great weekend everyone,


Katie’s Kitchen

Today I had a hankering for some chili, so Katie cooked up a nice pot of chili.  I might be a little crazy, being that summer is in full swing in Memphis, with high temps in the 80s and 90s, and cooking with a wig at that.  My head felt like it was in the oven, but I had a good time nonetheless.  At least I had a nice homebrewed orange wheat beer to help cool off.  I thought I’d share this recipe that I cooked up from the Whole Foods website for a spicy corn and chicken chili.  I did make some changes to the recipe.  Wouldn’t want to conform to what is expected of me, now would I? 😉  I also had some fun playing with the photo booth app on out computer.  Looks like rain is moving our direction, I think it’s time to put on some movies and relax on the couch with K.

I hope you all are having a good weekend,


Little Steps

What a weekend this was.  On Friday night, I got dressed up, practiced my makeup, and spent the night with K in the apartment.  The weather was a little cool for this time of year, especially Friday night.  I was starting to have thoughts of going outside for a drive.  I was starting to get the thought in my head of the things I needed.  I got some comfy black flats, got my IDs, and cell phone.  I kept peering through the blinds, looking out at the parking lot and thinking if I should do it.  It’s a busy apartment and you hear lots of doors opening and closing, cars pulling in and out.  I told K that I was thinking about going out for a drive, then she asked where I was going to go, which I hadn’t thought much about.

We ended up spending the night indoors, watching some tv and making some dinner, having avoided facing the challenges that lay outside.  I spent the night thinking about how I’ve taken little steps from time to time.  First it was telling K that I wanted to get dressed up, then telling one friend about Katie, then several.  Then it was starting this blog, which has opened me up to a whole new world where i’m not alone with my thoughts, and where I am able to get a better grasp of who I am and where I’m going.  Then, this past weekend it was about making some initial plans to walk through that apartment door and go into a public world.  Some people like to dive right in, I guess I like to take the little steps to build that confidence.  At least I know I’ve come a long way from where I started a year and a half ago.

On Saturday, we decided to go out for our anniversary dinner to an awesome restaurant built in an old beauty salon.  Since the weather was perfect, we ate outside and watched people walk by as groups of friends went in and out of the bars and restaurants nearby.  I noticed myself looking at the ladies dressed up for the night, and I realized that unlike just about every guy out that night, I wasn’t “checking them out”, I was checking out their outfits and thinking how they would look on me.  I then had the sudden realization that I couldn’t remember when I first had those kinds of feelings.  There were several times K and I would look at the outfits, and make our comments.  It was a nice bonding/learning experience.

On the ride home we talked about gender terms, about the friends I’ve made online, and about how I view myself.  We talked about some plans we have with some friends in Mississippi, one who is interested in doing some crossdressing.  All in all, it was a positive weekend, and with some rough plans for later this year, I may be able to write about my first time out on the town with friends, as Katie. 🙂

Have a great week.