Do I Have A Problem?

So I logged into my account today and was greeted with the picture below as my home screen.  It seems that Amazon thinks I have some sort of shoe addiction or something (guilty as charged). 🙂  Sometimes when I go to other websites, Amazon and are following me close behind with ads for more and more lovely heels.  Don’t they know that I’ve already got a nice collection, plus I think my wife would kill me if I had more shoes than she did.  It’s just too bad there’s not a wide selection of size 12 and 13 shoes out there.  Everything in moderation……

Happy Tuesday,



About katieinthehall

I'm a rediscovered crossdresser in my early 30's looking to express my thoughts as I move through this journey of discovery.

Posted on March 27, 2012, in Fashion, Heels and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Shoes are addicting. I’ve come to the point in which I think I should sell/consing/donate a pair before buying another. Stupid awesome shoes. I can totally understand why girls with smaller feet go crazy buying shoes.

  2. Most definitely. I completely understand now why my wife loves to have a wide range of shoes. You’ve got to find the right ones to go with your outfit, and with dozens of outfits, that’s a lot of shoes.

  3. Finding size 13 shoes is so hard. Ones that I actually like I mean. The selection does seem to be a little skewed to a “stripperesque” style. Um… No.

    But I agree with your shoe addiction, mine is slowly growing…

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