Latest MAC Haul

So over the last several months I’ve become seriously addicted to MAC cosmetics.  Not only because I like their products, but also because of one makeup artist that works there.  We’ll call him B.  I remember seeing B late last year at our local mall MAC counter and remember seeing his new red hair.  He had some wonderful red hair extensions, heels, and great makeup on.  His eyes are so striking, with wonderfully sculpted eyebrows. 

Before one trip to the mall, I told my wife (I’ll just call her K from now on) that it might be nice to update my small makeup collection with some MAC products and maybe even introduce myself to B.  With a little help from K, I introduced myself to B as a crossdresser that need some makeup and some advise to achieve the look I wanted.  B was very helpful from my first visit and ever since.  I am so very comfortable buying makeup for myself with B’s help.  I even tried on some foundation at the counter, not caring what people thought of a guy trying on makeup.

On our last visit to MAC, K bought a lipstick for herself, and after I tried it, I really liked it.  So today we went back and B helped me pick out a couple of other shades that might look good for Katie.  Here are the details:

MAC satin lipstick in Rebel AA1

MAC cremesheen in Hot Gossip A71

Two lip pencils in Beet, and In Anticipation

Nail polish in Dark Angel and a medium angled shading brush (#275).

So thank you MAC for having some great makeup artists and being so open,


PS, B wanted to see some new pictures, so these are a couple I took last week.  Enjoy doll.


About katieinthehall

I'm a rediscovered crossdresser in my early 30's looking to express my thoughts as I move through this journey of discovery.

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