An Eye For Style

One of the things I love about crossdressing is the infinite options when it comes to clothing.  So many colors, styles, textures.  But it can also be one of the things I struggle with.  Early on in my journey, my wife and I went to a secondhand store to buy some clothes for Katie.  The first mistake I made was that I didn’t have a clear plan of what I wanted, I guess because I was still working on which clothing styles work best for me.  When we got to the store, I became so overwhelmed by the choices that I froze up and we ended up not getting anything.  Later that day, we went to the mall to see if I had better luck there.  Walking by the stores, I would look at the mannequins and tell my wife “I really like that, let see if we can find that in my size”.  This store had a more manageable selection, arranged in away that made sense, so I was fortunate to pick out some nice pieces.

The lesson I learned that day was to have a clear plan of what I’m looking for, and also to start getting a better eye for fashion styles that work for me.  It takes some practice to be able to pick out a few things from the rack and realize it makes a nice outfit.  As a guy, I never really had to think deeply about clothes.  Jeans + Shirt = Done.  Needless to say, I still need to work at this.

Over the last several months, I’ve noticed myself looking at women in a different way.  If my wife and I are out on the town, and I look over at a group of women, my wife knows exactly what I’m thinking about.  She knows that I’m critiquing their outfits.  Sometimes we’ll talk about what the ladies are wearing and see if it’s something that Katie might be able to find useful.  I’ve also started going through my wife’s magazines to help me learn how to build outfits that work well together.

Our last couple of shopping trips has been more successful because I found that the whole business/secretary look works well for me.  It’s also a nice way to cover up the arms and legs since I have sooooo much body hair.  I’m not kidding; I’m just a few hairs shy of a gorilla.

Anyways, I look forwards to developing my fashion sense in the coming year. Till next time,



About katieinthehall

I'm a rediscovered crossdresser in my early 30's looking to express my thoughts as I move through this journey of discovery.

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  1. Great suggestions. I have recently realized how random the pieces I have collected are and although fun, will not work well as a complete look. I love that you get to shop together, it is good inspiration.

    • Thanks Anna. I find that in our relationship it’s good to have a balance between each other. I’ve read a few stories online where cross dressers take it to far, and the significant other feels left out. She indulges me in my hobby, and I make sure to return the favor. It’s also nice that when I get a few things for Katie, my wife can also wear them. It’s a strange feeling when she tells me “I borrowed some of your clothes”. 🙂

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