Products That’ve Helped Me

Over the course of the last year, I’ve found a couple of products that’ve helped me achieve the look I wanted.  One of those products is the “Maca Root Shave Cream” and the “Maca Root Razor Relief” lotion from The Body Shop.  I saw Jessica, from, review these products, and I decided to give them a try.  My beard comes in very quick and dark, so getting a nice close shave was a must.  When I tried the new shave cream, I was amazed at how much closer a shave I got from the average shave cream I was using.  I also noticed that it irritated my skin far less than my old brand.  Even after a close shave, I still had a noticeable beard shadow, which showed through even after applying layers of foundation.  At my last visit to our local MAC counter, my makeup artist suggested I try Dermablend.  After finding the right shade, and including it into my makeup routine, I was very happy with the results.  My beard shadow was no longer visible, even in the closeup pictures I like to take.  I hope this information helps others achieve the look they want.



About katieinthehall

I'm a rediscovered crossdresser in my early 30's looking to express my thoughts as I move through this journey of discovery.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I will have to look for these.

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